Baby Formula

Babies are sweet little bundles of joy, and new parents want to ensure their baby is cared for properly. In addition to love and snuggles, babies need formula. With different needs and certain allergies, the baby formula market is vast. There is a formula for every baby.

Parents may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of baby formula that is currently on the market, but do not worry, as there are some key factors to keep in mind when picking out the best formula for your baby.

Types of Baby Formula

There are three types of baby formula. The three main styles are cow's milk, soy milk and specialty ingredients. Additionally, each style is offered in a powder mix, a liquid concentration and a ready-to-use bottle where no mixing is involved.


Different baby formulas are made up of different ingredients. As such, what's inside the formula is an extremely important aspect of picking the appropriate formula for babies. While a pediatrician can help figure out the best formula, parents can be knowledgeable about the different substances in the canister.

In addition to the main ingredients, such as cow's milk or soy milk, baby formulas have added vitamins and minerals to help new babies grow and develop. For example, many manufacturers include iron or DHA in their formulas to promote healthy babies.


Baby formula is typically not cheap. However, it's an extremely important investment for new babies. Prices differ depending on where they're purchased. The final price also depends on factors such as ingredients, size and brand. Rejoice in knowing many companies do give out coupons to help cut the cost.

Samples of Baby Formula

Due to the vast amount of formulas on the market, purchasing many different kinds outright can be a bit of a struggle. However, there are many companies that will send patrons free samples. A few of these companies include Nestle Baby and Enfamil.

Boy's Names

The world loves babies. They're the future, and their names are also an important decision. Of course, a new child's name is strictly based on personal preference. However, picking the perfect name can be a challenge.

Many people like to choose biblical names such as Jacob, Matthew and Peter. Names can also be inspired by an origin, such as ancestry. Finn and Keegan are Irish baby names. Additionally, there are some 'uncommon' baby boy names such as Gunner or Slate.

Girl's Names

Baby girl names are also a hot commodity. If a couple is pregnant and planning to pick a wonderful baby name, there are many places to find some inspiration. As with boy names, the name they pick is 100% based on personal choice.

Some rare baby girl names include Marabella and Genevieve. There are also some female biblical names like Rebekah or Gabrielle. Some parents love classic names such as Olivia and Charlotte. There are so many names to consider, though.

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