The Troubles of Teen Bullying

The Troubles of Teen Bullying

Bullying is a problem that many of teenagers go through. Young people can be picked on based on their physical appearance, sexual orientation, or social status. The bullying can take different forms from physical attacks like shoving and punching; to psychological and verbal attacks which include cyberbullying. Sometimes adults may not notice the bullying and where they do; they may not realize the impact it has on the victims. Bullying has physical and psychological implications on both the victims and perpetrators.

Effects on the victims

  • Depression and anxiety Experts say that bullying results in an increased risk of depression and need for psychiatric treatment later in life. It results in low self-esteem in the victims as well as anxiety which translates into depression and if not treated could result in suicidal tendencies.
  • Health complaints Bullying can have serious implications on the victims' health. They tend to suffer from lingering headaches due to increased stress levels. Furthermore, being in a state of constant flight or fight response increases their adrenaline and cortisol hormones. These hormones can cause their muscles and stomach to ache and over time, they may develop diabetes due to an increase in insulin secretion.
  • Decreased academic achievement Bullying makes the victims dislike school; some teenagers can do everything they can to stay away from it. They are thus more likely to skip school or drop out altogether. If they stay in school, their performance is likely to be mediocre or below average as they are unable to fully concentrate on their studies due to the fear of being attacked.
  • Effects on the bullies The trouble of teen bullying is not limited to the victims but affects the perpetrators as well. Bullies are mostly kids acting out as a result of underlying issues. They tend to engage in other risky and violent behaviors and are thus more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. They also tend to get into fights easily and engage in early sexual activity. This could result in physical injuries as well as sexually transmitted diseases due to risky sexual behavior. Furthermore, bullies tend to be abusive towards their spouses and children as adults and are most likely to receive criminal convictions.
  • Effects on the bystanders Teens who watch others get bullied suffer the same effects as the victims. It brings out various emotions such as anxiety and uncertainty as well as fear and guilt. Bullying has long-term effects on both the victim and the perpetrator, and they both tend to suffer from severe emotional handicaps as adults. It is a behavior that is likely to result in a cycle of violence where their children become bullies due to abuse at home. It is important, therefore, to create a culture of openness and intervene before it is too late. Teenagers should not be left to their own devices; society must provide the voice of reason.

Top 5 Routes for "The Troubles of Teen Bullying"

  1. Teen's health This site describes bullying, and the effects it has on the victims. It also has a segment where teens talk about bullying.
  2. Bullying statistics This site gives the teen bullying statistics as well as defining bullying. It discusses the effects of bullying as well and offers suggestions on how to reduce the bullying among teens.
  3. This site targets parents and teachers. It explains what bullying looks like. It also helps them understand why it happens and its effects. Furthermore, it gives ways in which parents can know when their child is being bullied as well as ways to help them deal with the bullying.
  4. Child development institute This website addresses parents and gives them tips to help their teen children cope with bullying.
  5. Teens against bullying This website is dedicated to young people. It describes what bullying is and provides practical advice on how to deal with it.

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