Hobbies for Teens

Hobbies for Teens

Hobbies can often alllow a teenager to feel much happier in their lives. These hobbies aren't just enjoyable, but provide new skills and interaction with new people. Hobbies often help teends find wher their true passions in life may be. There are of course many different hobbies that can be chosen. Some of these include music, sports, arts, computers, building, photography, reading, animal care and so many more! Teenagers that partake in individual and group hobbies can feel better about themselves and explore their interest in safe and exciting ways. Hobbies can also prevent teenagers from feeling bored or keep them entertained. Keep reading to learn more about hobbies for teenagers.

Popular Types of Hobbies

There are many popular types of hobbies that teenagers enjoy. A few of the most popular hobbies include:


Sports can be played as a part of a team or as an individual. They can also be played indoors or outdoors. There are many different types of sports that teenagers can choose to partake in including:

  • Team sports Popular traditional team sports include soccer, baseball, football, hockey, ringette, rugby, polo, volleyball, paintball and more.
  • Individual sports Popular individual sports include swimming, snowboarding, running, yoga, weight-lifting, golf, hiking, bowling, skiing, gymnastics, track and field, archery, dance, cycling, karate, wrestling and more.


Music is a popular type of hobby that can be done as an individual or as part of a group. There are many ways that teenagers can become involved with music including learning and playing an instrument individually, partaking in a band, singing, learning how to use music software and much more.


Art can be a relaxing and creative hobby that allows teenagers to focus and make something. There are many different types of art hobbies including coloring, woodworking, drawing, pottery, painting, graphic design, photography and more.

  • Crafts Crafts are a popular type of hobby that allows teenagers to create and fashion something. A few of the most popular crafts include knitting, pottery, stain glass, jewelry-making, model making, embroidery and many others.
  • Gardening Gardening is a great way for people to develop a relationship with nature. Gardening can be done indoors and outdoors and can yield a variety of pretty flowers, amazing plants, fruits and vegetables.
  • Volunteering Volunteering is a great hobby that allows people to discover new interests and create new relationships. There are many ways that a teenager can volunteer including at an animal shelter, at a foodbank, in a hospital, at a school and much more. Teenagers can also volunteer at places related to the career path that they are interested in such as mechanics, nursing and others.
  • Cooking and Baking Cooking and baking are not only enjoyable hobbies, but practical ones as well. Teenagers can try out new recipes, add their own spin to recipes and enjoy the taste of their efforts.


There are many benefits that a teenager can enjoy from partaking in a hobby. A few of the main benefits include:

  • Exploring New Interests Getting involved a new hobby can often unlock interest in activities or topics that a teen may have never been willing to try otherwise. Quite simply, many teenagers may dismiss a hobby for no real reason. However, it’s surprising how many of these dismissed hobbies become enjoyable once they are tried out. 
  • Time Off From Screens Trying out new hobbies can be a great way for teens to get away from social media, their phones, the internet and television. While these can all be entertaining devices, staying away from screens can increase focus and reduce dependance on them.
  • Outdoor Time Parents can often be heard complaining about the lack of time that their teens spend outside. Hobbies often require activity and engaging with nature. This can lead to some very healthy choices being made. 
  • Social Interaction Many group hobbies will allow for a teen to meet some new people. The similar interest is an immediate bonding point that often leads to fast friendships. 
  • Skill Development Oftentimes hobbies help build skills that teens need in their day to day lives. Many learn how to focus, communicate better and build self confidence in themselves. 
  • Career Development Many times, a hobby allows a teen to grow to love something which in turn can help them figure out their future career. If they have already decided on a career that they are interested in, hobbies like building, backing, painting or woodworking could be beneficial secondary skills to their career. 
  • Confidence Oftentimes, a hobby will allow teens to feel good about themselves during some of the difficult times they go through. This boost in self-confidence can only be beneficial!

Top 5 Routes for "Hobbies for Teens"

  1. Notsoboringlife.com This website has a huge list of hobbies to choose from for people of all ages. People can search for hobbies sorted by the alphabet, celebrity hobbies and most popular hobbies.
  2. Discoverahobby.com This site has over 300 hobbies for people to choose from. People can choose to click on the random 'Go to a hobby' generator if they are struggling with which hobby that want to learn more about.
  3. Hubpages.com This site has many group and individual hobbies including traditional and modern ones. Teenagers can find a wide variety of hobbies that they may be interest in on this comprehensive site.
  4. Lifehack.com This is a great resource for teenagers who are looking for an affordable hobby. Teenagers can choose from a wide range of hobbies that can help them determine their interests.
  5. Verywell.com This website has a great guide for parents and teens to help them find the right hobbies for them to enrich their lives.

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